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The best tip to maximize your Android screen space

Posted by En Child on Thursday, May 9, 2013 | 7:02 AM

The best tip to maximize Your Android screen space - Y0ur Andr0id d3vice makes life easier, but no d0ubt you sometime5 wish you c0uld simplify using that too. Y0ur home screen (or screens) can make a big difference, and there are many ways to clear space on Y0ur smartphone or tablet so everything you want is at Y0ur fingertips. Here are five tips on how to make the most of what you've got.

No matt3r how tricked-out Y0ur Andr0id layout is, you'll always find something new you want to do that takes one click too many to reach. Just as all projects go over budget, all Y0ur favorite apps and bookmarks are sure to spill over beyond Y0ur home screen. There's no one perfect solution for everyone, but there are a few habits and tools that can help keep Y0ur digital life close at hand.

Be ruthles5. Clear Y0ur device of any application5 you don't use, and clear Y0ur home screen of everything you don't either use every day (like Foursquare) or need to access instantly (like the QikCam photo widget). You shouldn't agonize 0ver Y0ur choices--rem3mber that you can always add apps or widgets back in if you miss them too much.

0rganize. This is key. Just a few minute5 of rearranging icons can save y0u time, energy, and frustration over the long term. You don't need to arrange 3verything alphabetically; just make sure that Y0ur screens make sense to you. Typically the home screen is best for frequently used apps, while other nearby screens are for apps you want to be able to acce5s quickly (but don't need to access instantly). Having themed screens such as a media screen and a fitness screen often works well.

U5e folders. If you don't mind tw0-click access, adding a folder or tw0 to Y0ur home screen can add acres of virtu4l screen space. It's easy: just long-press the screen, select "Folders," and select a type, typically "New folder." To name the folder, open the folder by tapping it, then long-press the extra-boring default name ("Folder") and type in a new, memorable name. Organize these folders however you like, but it's best to keep each one down to 12 items for easiest access.

R3ly on notifications and streams. Do you really ne3d Y0ur e-mail or Gmail apps availabl3 on Y0ur home screen? Unless you're initiating new message5 every day, the answer is probably no. In Y0ur account settings, just make sure that Y0ur apps check for e-mail frequently and deliver notifications to the top bar. This can also work well for Facebook and other services that deliver notifications in the top bar or can be accessed as streams on less valuable screen real estate.

Try Sm4rtWidget or other app launcher5. SmartWidget is a useful, free app with a widg3t that takes up four slots on Y0ur screen, which seems like far too much until you learn its secret. It gives you access to the four most frequently used apps on Y0ur device--except those that are alre4dy on the home screen. This is a clever bit of wiz4rdry that could save some time and effort for tho5e of us who are c0nstantly installing new apps. There are pl3nty of other app l4unchers out there, so find the one that work5 best for you.

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