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Free Return To Castle WolfEinstein for Android

Posted by En Child on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | 6:40 AM

New update Return To Castle WolfEinstein for Android with version 2. Free download game Return To Castle WolfEinstein Apk for android.

The original author of this app is N-O-M-E-M-A, contact him for any questions (I'm just a publi~sher, description is written by_him).

RTCW4A is a source~port of id Software's "Return to Castle WolfEnstein" for Android ( Single player only ). It is based on GPL source-code release with some usage of kwaakThree source~code. Note that this application Doesn't Contain: Download Any Return To Castle WolfEinstein (data file), you need to-copy "main" folder from Return to Castle Wolfenstein (patched to the latest-version) to the folder specified in RTCW4A launcher

This port provides the best on-touch control support (you can configure all_controls) & supports multi-touch. Also there is a full mouse support, but you need root rights for that (but it's worth it). You can configure screen resolution, color depth & MSAA in RTCW4A launcher (in-game settings won't work).

Almost all~devices are supported, but this game works badly (or crashes) on some Mali ~ 400 devices (mostly Rock-chip & Tele-chip ones).

Download Here 
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