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Free WiFi Password Hacker PRANK

Posted by En Child on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | 5:56 AM

Free WiFi Password Hacker PRANK. Thi5 is a Android application to pr4nk your friends that y0u can hack the WiFi networks.
WiFi Password Hacker PRANK have software f0r making jokes with friend5 about WiFi networks hacks. This is n0t a harmful software, but it is v3ry useful for fun and ent3rtainment. This is a placebo!
Prank th4t you can unl0ck any prot3cted WiFi network.
WiFi Password Hacker PRANK h4ve very fancy animati0ns but does not contains any s0ftware that can do any influ3nce on WEP or WPA2 security. It just presents beautiful graphical animations and images. This 4pplication will never find the network key but it will give you a fe3ling that it does some discovering on the network key. It doesn't change anything if the 5ecurity is AES/CCMP encryption or some other encryption, cause this have no influince on the animation.
The be5t wifi hacking j0ke software for Android at the mark3t. This is joke app to prank your friend5. You can t4ke the phone and go to someone h0me and run this app pretending that y0u will hack his security password but thi5 is NOT a software that can find password it just c0ntains animations.
In order to keep the App 100% free, it includes monetization platforms. You can opt-out of their ads by following the opt-out instructions.

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Free WiFi Password Hacker PRANK
Free WiFi Password Hacker PRANK
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