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Tips: Add Wi-fi Toggle on Verizon Galaxy S4

Posted by En Child on Friday, May 31, 2013 | 10:33 PM

Tips: Add Wifi Toggle on Verizon Galaxy S4 - Verizon Galaxy S4 some users are having problems because Wi-Fi cannot added to quickly pull down settings. Verizon Galaxy S4 certain users will be furious. Do not worry about it, thank you to XDA-member bmtbandit, we can add a Wi-Fi toggle on Verizon Galaxy S4.

Follow the step-by-step screenshots to make it a little easier for those who have not used SQ-Lite Editor;
Note: Modding your  Verizon Galaxy S4 will void it's warranty and also, in this way is not responsible if you break your mobilephone while doing this mod. Please proceed @ your own risk.

Be sure to-make a backup before proceeding just in case something goes wrong.
1. Open up SQ-Lite Editor - Select the Apps-tab on top and scroll down until you see Settings Storage & Click it.

2. Select S-settings.db Click

3. Select system Click

4. Search icon on top right and Click

5. Type in the word notification in the Filter Value field & Click OK.

6. Once the results load-up, tap on notification_panel_active_app_list (should be the bottom result) & Click on the pencil-icon on top to-edit

7. In the Value field, you will see all your-toggles listed. All you have to do is add the word Wi-fi <-- just like that with a semi-colon right after. Make sure there's no-space after the semi-colon like in the screen-shot below. Once you add Wi-fi, click the save button.

8. Close SQ-Lite editor & reboot your mobilephone. Once your mobilephone boots back up, you should now have the Wifi toggle in quick settings like mine below! 

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